Residential blinds

Residential blind systems

There are two types of blind systems that Glasscraft offer, manually operated systems and remote controlled battery operated systems. For specifications on each of the systems, please click the link below to take you to more detailed information.

General Information on manually operated blinds

The SL20C Venetian system is the best-selling blind option (pictured right and below). The slats are 0.2mm thick giving great vision through open blinds.

The operation of these blinds is via internal/external magnets. The magnetic force operates through the glass pane. Pulling the cord control rotates the external magnet, which in turn rotates the internal magnet. This rotation will tilt the blind slat open or closed, with continual rotation raising and lowering the blind.

The front knob control option is designed for Venetian systems to tilt the slats open or closed only. It will raise and lower the blind through continual turning but this is not recommended due to the time this would take.

Alternatively, the Pleated SL20C pleated blind is available in a wider range of colours and black-out options.

The simple operation makes it ideal for kitchens and bathrooms where complete privacy is assured. This blind cannot be tilted open as the pleated material is continuous in its formation. The blind is therefore open or closed. Operation is the same as Venetian – pulling the cord will raise or lower the blind.

Glasscraft also have a Pleated SL20S option, which is operated by a magnet that sits on the surface of the glass and is pushed up or down to raise/lower the blind. Where ever the magnet is pushed to will put the blind to that position. Giving simple one action control, this blind is ideal for smaller apertures where cords may clutter the window. As with the corded system, the blind is open or closed.

For size limitations on all our manually operated blinds, and for transport and glazing recommendations, please click here.

SL20c Venetian SL20C Knob Control SL20C Pleated SL20C Venetian
SL20C Venetian SL20C Knob Control SL20C Pleated SL20C Venetian

General information on remotely operated, battery powered blinds

The battery powered SL20W Swipe System offers touch and remote control operation. The battery pack is trickle charged via an external solar panel, ensuring optimal battery power.

This system offers the easiest retro fit for remote control blinds or for installation where hard wired electrical installation is difficult or not feasible. Each unit is complete with motor and wiring so that no loop circuit is required for operation. Wiring is positioned in the void between the sealed unit and the frame, slotting under the gasket where desired, to affix the battery pack to the glass.

Each blind can be programmed to operate individually or in groups giving flexible control of operation.

 Key additional benefits:

  • Remote operation – control from the comfort of your sofa
  • Programmable – have individual or groups controlled together
  • Self-contained wiring – no channelling out walls or drilling of frames
  • No electrician required or associated costs
  • Solar charging – no costs to run

For size limitations on our remotely operated blinds, and for transport and glazing recommendations, please click here.

Power Pack Remote Control Battery Powered W Swipe Window Solar Panel
Swipe System Power Pack Remote Control Power Pack Solar Panel