Georgian designs

Internal Georgian Bars

Internal Georgian bars simulate more traditional style windows anGlassCraft Brochure downloadd suit many properties. They are designed to create an image of glazing mullions and transoms within the sealed unit cavity.  Glasscraft offers a range of Georgian styles. Advances in production techniques have enabled more complex designs to be created and Glasscraft can manufacture these in-house. These are just some examples of the designs that Glasscraft can produce. You can download the full brochure here: Georgian Brochure.

Standard 18 x 8 and 25 x 8 Georgian

These are available in the following standard colours:

Powder coated Woodgrains vinyl (full and half wrap)
White Mahogany
Brown Rosewood
Additional colours: Any RAL number can be matched and can be full or half colour. Pricing on request. Longer lead time required.  Light Oak
Irish Oak

Cream woodgrain

Woodgrain full wrap

Woodgrain half wrap

Irish oak woodgrain

Light oak half wrap

Authentic Georgian

Authentic GeorgianAlso known as internal spacer bar, muntin bars, inter bar or duplex system, these products are designed to give the appearance of multiple units within a single sealed unit.

Externally mounted stick-on profiles are used to cover over the bars and create that authentic look.

Glasscraft offers a range of solutions to match perimeter spacer bar colours.

The internal bars are always narrower than the perimeter spacer bar, e.g. 20mm perimeter would use 16mm internal, 16mm perimeter would use 12mm internal. This is to allow the glass to flex normally. Having the internal bars the same as the perimeter would stop the glass moving inwards and may cause breakages.

Georgian grill

Also referred to as Victorian grill, these products are 6mm (Gold) and 8mm (chrome) in diameter with tubular construction. The flexibility of design is limited as the tubes collapse when bending.

Gold Grill

Chrome Grill

Georgian Grill

Georgian Grill