Top 5 FAQ from our Trade Customers

These are the most commonly asked questions from our trade customers. Should you have further questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

A. No. This is because the internal angle will ‘run’, in that the glass continues to break across the straight line. We can do circles and pet flaps are available that are circular.
A. Georgian bars are 8mm thick with anti-rattle centres adding a couple of mm to this, so we only go down to 12mm cavities for Georgian profiles.
A. 4mm glass is quite flexible and in larger or longer unit sizes, we recommend that 6mm glass is used. This prevents the glass from flexing too much that could lead to unit failure or breakage. We would recommend that any unit that is over 1300mm in both width and height or has one length longer than 2400mm should be manufactured using 6mm glass.
A. This is determined by three things: the glass sheet we buy 3210mm x 2250mm, production line equipment – 2000m height restriction and weight, 150kg limit for production equipment. This means that we can make a unit in 6mm glass due to size @ 2m x 2.4m which is the size of our gas press and weighs 144kg. Outside this we can make longer units e.g. 600mm x 3000mm and these may be done off line.
A. Glasscraft can manufacture glazing to meet any noise reduction target. Firstly, the decibel reduction sought needs to be determined and we can build glazing to achieve this. Please note that in a 28mm space and still achieve necessary thermal performance, the choice is limited and 40db rw reduction is about as good as it gets. This is 6.8mm acoustic laminated/16mm Argon cavity / 6mm low e.