The toughening process

All of the glass types we offer can be toughened. The toughening process is undertaken in house using our Cooltemper furnace. All toughened glass is manufactured under strict control to BS EN 12150 and carries the British Kitemark stamp along with our own identifying number and name. All toughened glass in the UK must have these markings to the relevant standard.

The process begins with the cut glass having its edges ground smooth. Known as ‘arissing’ or ‘edge seaming’, this removes all the little nicks and chinks on the cut edges. This is necessary as during the toughening process, the glass is heated to around 600°C and cooled rapidly. Any nicks may expand and contract at different rates from the main glass pane during the heating/cooling and this may result in the glass breaking during the cooling process.

4 x the strength of non-toughened glass

The rapid cooling of the glass puts a stress into the glass that gives it 4 times the strength of the non-toughened equivalent. On breaking, the glass shatters into tiny pieces that are not able to cause life threatening, deep cuts. This is the same as side windows on cars.