Gas testing

Testing for Gas in Sealed Units

We are often asked ‘how do we know that there is Argon or Krypton in our units?’

This is a valid question as the gas is invisible, and an Argon or Krytpon gas filled unit can look no different than ones simply air filled.

There are two types of testing equipment:

  • Invasive, where the seal of the unit is broken to extract internal gas for measuring through a testing device. The tested unit cannot be used as the seal has been broken.
  • Non-invasive, where the gas can be measured through the glass without breaking the seal. This means that production units can be tetsed that are then glazed in homes.

Regency Glass has invested in a non-invasive gas tester that can give immediate results. We think it is vital to be able to test sealed units that are post production products that will end up in houses and not specifically engineered test units that will never be used again. We can test one or one hundred units quickly giving accurate results instantly.

The Sparklike tester works as each gas has a unique density. The tester is calibrated for Argon and Krypton. The test is carried out by placing the spark end of the tester against the glass and firing a spark through the sealed unit. This can be done in seconds and delivers a % gas fill level for calibrated gases. The test equipment is sent back to the manufacturer annually during the Christmas shut down period for calibration checks. This maintains our accuracy and production quality.

Any company unsure of Argon gas fill levels should ask their supplier for their daily records – required under EN1279 part 3 and EN1279 part 3 test certificate. If still unsure they should visit their supplier or request a visit from them and watch the testing procedure as it happens.

Without Argon at the specified levels, the sealed units will not be performing to the quoted levels and ‘A’-rated windows could be ‘B’ or ‘C’ rated and U-values would be poorer, all meaning that the windows would not save as much energy.

Sparklike Gas Tester