Sandblasted designs

In-house sandblast design service

Sandblast designs are created using a resist. The design is cut into the resist using our highly accurate stencilling machine. The resist is applied to the glass and the design is picked out of the resist leaving exposed glass. This glass is passed through our sandblast machine and the exposed glass is sandblasted in a uniform layer. The resist does its job and protects the rest of the glass from being sandblasted; the resist is peeled off to show a clear area with the design blasted into the glass.


Vast range of stock designs…or choose your own

The design can be either sandblasted with clear surround or the design can be clear with the background sandblasted. Glasscraft offers an in–house sandblast design service. We can offer bespoke designs using supplied hi-res jpeg images. These can be company logos, house numbers, names, etc.

Sandblasted designs are positioned to the inside of the unit to avoid touching. The surface of a sandblast relief is highly porous and can take on grease and dirt easily.