Sealed units

Sealed unit quality standard EN1279

All sealed unit manufactures in Europe must be accredited to EN1279. This is a legal requirement and is not optional. Furthermore, CE marking of products has been made compulsory too. EN1279 is made up of several sections. The aim is to identify component products, set out an approved method of manufacturing process and test to ensure that the manufacturer is able to produce a sealed unit of the minimum quality requirements, thereby offering longevity of product. Along with daily internal tests carried out by manufacturing staff, EN1279 incorporates two external tests that have to be carried out by UKAS accredited laboratory. The tests are:

EN1279 part 2 – long term moisture test

This test puts the sealed unit through an exacting cycle of humidity and temperature changes that put stress on the quality of the seal/desiccant structure of the sealed unit. All manufacturers must pass this test.

EN1279 part 3 – inert gas concentration and long term leakage test

This test examines the gas content of a sealed unit and leakage rate of gas extrapolated to give 10-year performance data. The gas concentration has to be within +10/-5% of the specified level. Leakage rate has to be less than 1% per year.

Glasscraft specify 90% concentration and since inception have been within the maximum leakage rate.

Glasscraft operate the EN1279 standard through CENsolutions and hold both CEN CMS marks & BSI Kitemark licences for both sealed units and toughened safety glass. Please see our Quality certificates.