Commitment to quality

Glasscraft is EN1279 accredited

Having fully implemented part 6 of the standard (Factory Production Control), we undertake daily testing to ensure that our products meet the highest standards. These include goods-in component, in-process and final product inspections and checks. These include:

  • Glass – correct product ordered/delivered and condition
  • Spacer bar – correct product ordered/delivered and within dimension tolerances
  • Desiccant – condition in accordance with manufacturers activity requirements for use
  • Outer Sealant – checked twice per shift pattern for ratios, colour variation (mix) and cured shore hardness
  • Component fixings – correct product ordered/delivered and within dimensional tolerances
  • All batch numbers being recorded for future reference

In-process tests and inspection includes:

  • Sealant mix and dispensing equipment – ratios checked daily ensuring correct chemical composition of sealant
  • In-line glass washing facility – with demineralising crystals and water treatment supply checked and monitored to ensure washing efficiency i.e. dry and clean glass surface
  • Desiccant – activity testing undertaken and recorded.
  • Gas concentration – gas concentration level checked and recorded
  • Toughened glass – fragmentation break and surface pre-stress testing
  • Spacer cutting saws – dimensional tolerance calibrated
  • Toughening plant – break test on glass to ensure that the minimum number of pieces required per square inch is attained and maintained
  • PIB sealing machines – weight test of applied sealant to ensure correct amount of sealant is being applied
  • All machinery is serviced – in accordance with our maintenance program by our two on-site engineers

Final product testing includes:

  • Glass inspection -each piece of glass is visually inspected for imperfections and adherence to requirements. This includes the glass components:
    • Spacer bar
    • Glass type
    • Dimensions
    • Flatness
  • Random finished unit checks – these are checked prior to loading in accordance with our factory production control (FPC) procedure. This includes:
    • Sealant depth
    • PIB spread
    • Marks
    • Labelling
    • Gas concentrations where applicable