Top 5 FAQ from Home Owners

These are the 5 most commonly asked questions from home owners. Glasscraft are a manufacturer of glass sealed units and deal directly with the window trade.  Should you have any further questions, in the first instance please contact the tradesman or company that you purchased your windows from.

A. No. The condensation shows that the windows are working well at preventing heat loss, as the outer pane is cold due to good insulating properties. The condensation will only appear at certain times of year and for short periods. See further information in our condensation section.
A. The industry operates to a standard visual quality guide. This states that glazing should be looked at from a distance of no less than 3m for toughened, low e and laminated products. Looking through the glass on a dry day in indirect sunlight, nothing should stand out as obtrusive to the viewer.
A. This could be a number of things but is usually the low e coating reflecting the sunlight at different angles. The ‘marks’ seem to disappear when the sun isn’t shining. This is normal and varies across the day as the sun moves across the sky. It is simply reflections of light or processing marks that, when looked at under normal viewing conditions, cannot be seen.
A. Triple glazing can be better but it is essential that the right glazing make up is specified. This needs to be minimum of : 4mm clear glass/8mm Argon/4mm low e glass/8mm Argon/4mm low e glass. At 28mm glass unit thickness – industry standard, this is only slightly better than double glazing and may not be worth the extra cost. Widening the units to be a minimum of 36mm, will be beneficial and offer up to 50% improvement over double or narrower triple glazing. See more information in our double v triple glazing section.
A. Natural lead is a soft metal and when in the atmosphere, it will in effect rust! This oxidation process can take a variable amount of time but will ultimately result in a dull grey patina that remains constant. Please see our lead section for further information.