Triple Glazing

A ‘typical’ triple glazing unit

As with double glazing, there are many options for triple glazed units depending on performance requirements. Variations include:

  • Glass thickness
  • Performance coatings
  • Safety glass
  • Spacer bar type
  • Patterned glass
  • Gas fill types

High performance triple glazing requires 2 panes of low e glass, made up as: 4mm clear/4mm low e/ 4mm low e. It is recommended by the glass manufacturers that this middle low e pane is toughened to prevent thermal stress cracking.

GlassCraft Triple Glazing Illustration v1

Triple glazing does not always offer superior performance to double glazing. The combination of different glass types and cavity sizes will determine the performance of the triple glazed unit. Some triple glazing types may actually be worse or no better than a double glazing option. The overall thickness of the glazing unit and the glass types are important when assessing triple glazing.

Glasscraft manufacture both double and triple glazed IGUs. We offer many glass types that enable us to meet and exceed performance criteria. For further information on how double glazing units compare to triple glazed units, please click here.

A typical unit is shown above. More detailed information can be found in ‘glass types’ by clicking here.